Accumulate an increase in your athletic performance -
Balance your blood pressure,
Care for your carriage, and motivate your muscles,
Distress your strains,
Ease your aches and sooth your sinuses,
Feel your energy flow and foster the flush of body fluids – toxins
Give your body the gift of love with lasting results
Harness healing by addressing adhesions – forming and/or reforming fibers – muscle fibers that is.
Indulge your epidermis and circulate your circulation – and lymph nodes,
Joints will thank you when you fix your friction,
Kindle kinetics when you can move your limbs into a full range of motion,
Loosen lethargy, strengthen and/or lengthen – here and there,
Migrate your migraine (over and out).
Experience better communication between your Neuro-muscular system
Open yourself to promote peace within
Put a crease in chronic Pain patterns and prevent pain
(if you have some, Save your sore spots for me)
Quiet your inner self while relaxing your neck and back (and fronts & sides)
Restore structural alignment, release and relieve rigidity,
savor an increase in serotonin (your body’s protection against depression)
Tap into tone -tend to tension
ultimately unify the feelings of being replenished
voice “Hallelujah” to your body’s harmony
Wrap warmth within and connect effectiveness to all your connective tissues
X-out and invade “Itis” – inflammations and edemas (arthritis, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc)
Yin and Yang – encourage your mind-body balance
Zoom in to see me at The Sore Spot so we can begin to “Heal your Health”!