Massage Pricing and Packages

The Sore Spot can schedule around your needs,

7 days a week from 6 AM to 9 PM.  

I encourage you to schedule at least an 80-minute session if you want to achieve the maximum health benefits of a full body massage.


Massage is a key component of wellness and well-being. Regular massages are clinically proven to stimulate and maintain the immune system.

During your appointment, Alicia will talk with you about your health and wellness concerns and issues to design the best therapy for you.


1st Time Client Special



Existing Client Special




Our business hours are from

Mon. to Fri., 9 AM to 6 PM 

These hours are the best value.

40 $65
60 $80
80 $95
90 $105
100 $115
120 $135

 We now accept all major credit/debit cards. An additionall fee will apply.

Before and after hours including weekends is an additional $20.00.

** Need a massage with less than 24 hour notice? If our schedule allows we will accommodate you! Spontaneous massages are an additional $20.00 (booked less than 24 hours in advance)

*** We are available on Holidays for an additional 25%.


****Awarded after clients fulfill referral

At the therapists’ discretion, the therapist may request to charge your credit card in advance. 


Package Plans

The Sore Spot offers these package plans* to encourage you to stay on a wellness plan that suits your needs.

3 months/13 visits Packages

Receive 1 complimentary visit

Package Executive Premium Supreme Classic
Minutes per package 120 100 80 60
Price Per Package $1755  $1495 $1235  $1040
Payment per visit $135 $115  $95  $80
Savings for 14 Visits $135 $115  $95  $80
Actual Cost per visit $125.35 $106.78 $88.21 $74.29


You are not obligated to the 13-week program. You may opt to discontinue the program at any time. You will have paid the full price and not received your complimentary visit. No other penalties apply.

*Prices will be adjusted accordingly if there are massages received outside business hours while on a package plan

Consistency to the program is key to your success. Some allowances may be considered for illness/vacations and could extend this program.


Explanation of pricing:

1. Business hours:
9 AM – 6 PM, M-F.

2. Before and after hours including weekends:
We charge an extra $20.
Massages starting before 9 AM and ending after 6 PM,
M-F, and also anytime on the weekends.

3. Spontaneous massages:

We charge an extra $20 – (Scheduled less than 24 hours in advance)

4. Outcalls:

We charge $100 extra with drive time no more than 15 minutes one way (30 minutes total). Ask us about additional drive time charges.

5. Chair Massages:

We charge $1.50 per minute.  Outcall charges may apply.

6. Credit card fee:
We charge a $5 fee for accepting credit/debit cards.
There will be an extra fee applied for each transaction above $200 is a $10 fee.

Cancellation Policy:

A  24-hour notice is required for canceling or rescheduling your appointment. If not an emergency and within the 24 hours, you will most likely be charged for your full massage session or asked not to return if not paid.