Massage Pricing and Packages

The Sore Spot can schedule around your needs 7 days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM. I encourage you to schedule at least an 80 minute session if you want to achieve the maximum health benefits of a full body massage.


 Massage is a key component to wellness and well-being. Regular massages are clinically proven to stimulate and maintain the immune system.

During your appointment, Alicia will talk with you about your health and wellness concerns and issues to design the best therapy for you.

40 Minutes     Weekdays      $55.00       Friday 5pm – Monday 8am   *$65.00

60 minutes      Weekdays     $70.00       Friday 5pm – Monday 8am  *$80.00

80 minutes       Weekdays    $85.00       Friday 5pm – Monday 8am   *$100.00

90 minutes       Weekdays   $95.00        Friday 5pm – Monday 8am   *$110.00

100 minutes     Weekdays   $105.00       Friday 5pm – Monday 8am  *$115.00

120 minutes      Weekdays  $125.00        Friday 5pm – Monday 8am *$145.00

We are available on Holidays and before/after normal hours at weekend prices ( weekend  policies also apply).

*Please note for weekend appointments, when your appointment is made we will need to charge your credit card for the full price of the massage plus the additional $5.00 credit card processing fee. If your appointment is not kept you will have paid full price for your session. There are no refunds.

The Sore Spot offers these packages* to encourage you to
stay on a wellness plan that suits your needs.

3 months/13 visits            Total Package: $1625.00
120 minutes per session   ($125.00 paid at each visit)
On Program                    *Bonus* 4 free visits
$95.59                                    (Savings of: $500.00)

3 months/13 visits            Total Package: $1365.00
100 minutes per session  ($105.00 paid at each visit)
On Program                    *Bonus* 3 free visits
$85.31/visit                        (Savings of: $315.00)

3 months/13 visits           Total Package: $1105.00
80 minutes per session   ($85.00 paid at each visit)
On Program                     *Bonus*  2 free visits
$73.67/visit                       (Savings of: $170.00)

3 months/13 visits            Total Package: $910.00
60 minutes per session    ($70.00 paid at each visit)
On Program                    *Bonus* 1 free visit
$65.00/visit                      (Savings of: $70.00)

You are not obligated to the 13-week program. You may opt to drop the weekly program
though the *Bonus* visit(s) are forfeited for discontinuation of the program.

*Prices will be adjusted accordingly if there are massages received on the weekend while doing a package plan

Consistency to the program is Key to client success, though some allowances for
illness/vacations will be considered and could extend this program.

We now accept all major credit cards.