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    • Lesley S.
    • Hampton, GA

    I’ve had a lot of massages and Alicia hands down has been the most effective and therapeutic massage I’ve ever had! She has taught me tons about stretching and the right way to do it.. She is very knowledgeable about her practice and strives to learn more and more everyday. I can tell she is very passionate about her work. I actually drive an hour to go see her. I’ve tried local massage places in my area and was a total waste of money and time. When I goto Alicia I know I will leave with more knowledge about my recovery from pain and feel relief and tons of movement in my muscles  immediately. She cares  about your health and will listen to your needs. That’s what’s important and will definitely return for more massages..

    • M S.
    • Gainesville, GA


    Alicia is a very calm, compassionate and patient woman who has helped my 10 year old son with autism tremendously.  He has been under her care receiving myofascial massage to help heal his nervous system.  I have seen tremendous improvement in just 3 sessions and the fact that he will relax and allow her to work with him is a miracle in itself and a testimony to her skill and personality.  His communication has improved along with his allergies, digestive issues, and ability to control himself and regulate his emotions.  I would never have thought that massage would produce such results.  I highly recommend Alicia to everyone!

Cumming, GA


Best Massage I’ve ever had!! Was a great experience from the moment I walked in the door. Alicia was extremely knowledgeable. It was as though she knew exactly what was going on with my body without me saying a word. She gave me great tips and suggested some stretches for me to do between massages. Her total focus was on me and keeping me comfortable at all times, which I was. I couldn’t be more complimentary about her performance. If you are looking for a great, no THE BEST massage in north Georgia, The Sore Spot is THE place!

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  1. Dana H. Says:

    Alicia is the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many. She can tell you exactly where the pain is coming from and then she proceeds to work on what has caused the pain. There have been times that my neck and back have had a spasm for weeks, I go to see Alicia and I feel amazing and the pain is completely gone. She understands the muscles and knows exactly what to do to help you. I feel even better the next day all of my tension is gone… She is the BEST!

  2. Sandy A. Says:

    I have been going to Alicia for over 3 years and I agree she is the best and I too have had alot of massages! I recently had knee replacement on Jan 23, 2013. I had massage weekly for the month before to get my body in alignment and my muscles ready for surgery. I started back with massage 4 weeks after surgery and find that after massage, my pain level is cut more than half and my mobility is so much better! My recovery has been quick and range of motion ahead of schedule! My husband had 7 vertibrae fused 2 years ago and see’s Alicia so he can play golf and be flexible with his swing. We highly recommend her!

  3. Bill Adams Says:

    I did my own study and documented that I made much more money golfing after visiting Alicia, the day before the big game. When the stakes are high, I love to have a massage by Alicia the day before I Play golf. Often I have made more than enough to pay for the massage. After having back surgery it is difficult for me to be as flexible as I need to be to play my top golf game. Bill Adams

  4. Art Says:

    As yet I have only been to one session with Alicia but I can honestly say that ” THE BEST ” is an understatement ! After the very best Therapeutic Massage that I have ever had (and I have had many), I just wanted to stay. That was the best and the most relaxed that I have felt in forever. There will certainly be more visits to her in the future. I feel confident in saying you will not find a more dedicated and caring massage therapist than Alicia.
    What else can I say. Better than a session that I got some years ago by the therapist for the Miami Dolphins !

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